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  • Miles Hedley

CREAK at Creekside Discovery Centre

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

With half-term fast approaching, here’s a must-see for all ages at Creekside Discovery Centre – a chance to splash about in the river at low tide while watching a fabulous story about treasure-hunters combing the sewers of Victorian Deptford.

Award-winning Penny Dreadful Productions have already done four performances of the show, Creak, over recent weekends and I can declare without fear of contradiction that it’s a blast.

Writer-performer Mira Dovreni and her fellow performers Charlie Foloronsho and Simon Spencer-Hyde give their all as they lead the audience through the muddy shallows of Deptford Creek in search of lost valuables.

Dovreni doubles up as an officious modern-day surveyor and a deliciously slimy queen rat in the show, which is immersive in every sense and along with her co-stars creates a genuine interactive rapport with the audience, especially its younger members.

Much of the toshers’ dialogue is in clever rhyming couplets and there are plenty of excellent jokes that will appeal to all ages. In fact it’s as good a family show as I’ve seen in yonks.

Creak is next on at Creekside Discovery Centre on October 21 and 22 before a final performance there on November 2. Details at

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