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  • Miles Hedley

MARINA COLLARD at Laban Theatre

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Dance, sound, film and light joined forces in choreographer Marina Collard’s existential investigation entitled What This Is, Is… at Laban theatre.

Centred on a flimsy white cube daubed to look like a breezeblock building, performers Tina Krasevec and Rahel Vonmoos moved around it and crept into it through a low gap as sound designer Paul Newland’s electronic throbs rippled the surface and inverted films of woodland and salt-marsh by Tom Paine and Tony Wadham glimmered on the oscillating canvas.

This combination, enhanced still further by Michael Mannion’s stark lighting, raised troubling questions about our perception of reality and about whether what we think of as sanctuary is really imprisonment.

The work was given even greater intensity by the audience being part of the show, Collard calling us all up on the stage with her dancers, thus demolishing the fourth wall between audience and performers, reality and fantasy.

It felt like a combination of Pink Floyd’s alienation epic The Wall and Antony Gormley’s great installation Blind Light – and it was as powerful as both.

And it brought to a glorious close a fabulous autumn season of dance laid on by Trinity Laban.

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