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  • Miles Hedley

MOTHER DAUGHTER MOMENTS at The Greenwich Gallery

The Greenwich Gallery is rightly lauded for its regular photographic shows. But from time to time Helen and Tony Othen like to put on an exhibition of paintings – and the current one, Mother Daughter Moments, is a delight.

The majority of the 52 works by Meg Dinkeldein and her daughter Sophie M Cook were created on a road-trip along the west coast of Ireland and they wonderfully capture the windswept, rugged and remote beauty of the hills and beaches that line the aptly-named Wild Atlantic Way.

Several also demonstrate why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle – the miraculous greens of Benbulben in Co Sligo are truly jewel-like and are rendered here with devotional zeal.

My favourites of the Irish pieces are Meg’s two watercolours of spectacular Downhill beach and Sophie’s charcoal and chalk drawing of the same scene. I also love the four luminous cloudscapes by Sophie painted on small copper squares which look like details from a Renaissance masterpiece.

The pair are also exhibiting 11 quiet still lifes including a gorgeous, almost abstract painting of radishes on linen by Sophie and exquisite watercolours of pomegranates and figs by her mum.

The show ends closer to home with radiant watercolours of waterlilies and tulips at Eltham Palace by Blackheath-based Meg, two delicate oils painted in Greenwich Park by Sophie and a larger oil by Meg of the ultramodern view of the huge towers of Canary Wharf.

The contrast between the 21st century iconography of the Isle Of Dogs and the immemorial vistas of Ireland is memorable and mesmerising – two adjectives that could equally apply to the whole exhibition. Go and see it.

Mother Daughter Moments runs daily till 4th April, with part of the proceeds from sales going to the Greenwich Winter Night Shelter.


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