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OUR OCEAN, OUR PLANET at the National Maritime Museum

©️Emma Critchley

A season of events about climate change and sustainability called Our Ocean, Our Planet has been launched at the National Maritime Museum and will run throughout the summer.

Visitors will be able to meet experts, learn new skills and listen to scientists discuss the urgent battle to foil the growing threats of global warming and unregulated plastic waste – among many other dangers.

They will also be able to immerse themselves in a series of art installations such as The Space Below, an exploration of underwater noise pollution by Emma Critchley and Lee Berwick.

Other season highlights include the annual World Oceans Day celebration, a family festival on 6 June which this year focuses on Antarctica.

Curator Laura Boon said: “A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival as it generates much of the oxygen we breathe, helps feed us and regulates our climate. Together we can - and must - protect and restore our ocean.”

For more info, go to www.rmg.co.uk/ourocean