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  • Miles Hedley


Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Life as a progression interrupted by brief encounters and occasional relapses was the theme of a Transitions Dance Company triple bill created by internationally acclaimed choreographers Hagit Yakira, Jarkko Partanen and Richard Chappell – and it wowed audiences at Laban theatre. The 14 young dancers swayed, crawled, walked, crept, ran, leapt, romped, embraced and finally slumped in a round of works that were at times weird, sometimes worrisome, often witty but always wonderful – much like life, in fact. Yakira’s The Ar/ct Of Moving Forward had a fluidity that enchanted from the silent walking opening to the electronica-induced frenzy at its close. Partanen’s extraordinary Lovers began with what looked like a pile of binbags at the back of an empty stage. But this apparent detritus suddenly came to life and revealed itself to be figures encased from scalp to ankle in metallic silver costumes (by Suzie Holmes) who writhed and entwined beneath a disco-ball to the thumping beat of Rihanna singing Diamonds. In a gloriously witty touch, they continued to dance for a few moments after the music finished before shuffling off the stage in embarrassed silence. The show finale was Chappell’s When Running Starts And Stops, which was a joyful exercise in the poetry of pure movement. The piece closed with the dancers running in circles and dropping one by one till only a lone performer was left, still moving as the lights faded to utter darkness – again, much like life. This was a fabulous Trinity Laban show with inspired choreography and magnificent dancing by Ayongga, Yee Kei Yuki Chung, Kieran Lee Covell, Paola Drera, Irninta Dwitika, Gabriele Farinacci, Orion Hart, Wilhelmina Ojanen, Umut Ozdaloglu, Lexie Palasciano, Ana Guilherme Ruano Cardoso, Gloria Trolla, Mac Daniel Villanueva Palima and Menghang Wu. Truly a a dance to the music of time…


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